Dating aircrew: Is love in the air?

‘Love lifts us up where we belong’, as the song by Jack Nitzsche declares. Whether it’s in the clouds or with your feet planted firmly on the ground, just remember this when you’re next flying: the person who comically shows you the fire exits, or who masterfully flies you at 30,000ft (seemingly in heaven) could in fact be your saviour. Of a romantic kind that is.

It may seem like a dream job to many of us: jetting off to far flung countries with the promise of exciting new cultures and customs. Equally alluring, especially as a passenger, is being looked after by professional aircrew, not to mention the prospect of dating a pilot or flight attendant complete with uniform, charm and candour.

It might be the flight attendant who usually asks you ‘business or pleasure, madam?’ or the smiley stewardess who obliges: ‘more champagne, sir?’ How about that dashing captain who cheerfully welcomes you aboard or wishes you ‘Avoir’ after a 10 hour flight. ‘That long?’ you whisper to yourself, it was if we just met…’

Anyway, back to reality, bringing your dating aspirations down-to-earth. has helped thousands of people find friendships and romance with uniformed professionals, many of whom are aircrew. The challenge, like all professions who work long shifts in distance lands, is ‘tying these guardians of the sky’ down to a date (or several hopefully).

Love is in the air?

It could well be. Amazingly, there are around 6000 planes in the skies across the world at any one time, according to this great real time graphic on Even over the UK, there are hundreds of potential suitors flying above your head (angelic or not) while you’re at work, asleep – or when you’re lucky enough to be under their care.

Ok, so dating a flight attendant may not reach such lofty heights of love, especially from humble beginnings. Aircrew, of course, work long, irregular and antisocial hours, and there are few chances of getting to know an aircrew member during a busy flight amidst serving food, drinks or pacifying a screaming child or difficult passenger.

Dating aircrew staff – highs

Cutting a dashing figure. Well the uniform goes without saying. You’ll get to date pilots in smart and suave uniforms or air stewards and stewardesses with chic and sleek attire.

Faraway lands. There is the opportunity to date your pilot, air stewardess/steward in romantic foreign locations – if budget and time permit of course.

Great conversation. Sure, the last thing an aircrew member wants to do is talk shop. However, they’re bound to have some quirky tales to tell, whether it’s performing the Heimlich Manoeuvre on a passenger with chronic
indigestion, or leaving their belt back in the hotel room… reveals that most airlines offer excellent staff travel packages, with some carries typically offering 90% off their ticket prices for families and friends.

Question: Should you as a date be any different?

Dating aircrew staff – lows

Your place or..?The obvious snag of dating an aircrew member is, of course, finding a mutually accessible location where you can both meet. Also, beware that dating locations might not be near their address. Crews of UK flights may start and finish their day near where they live – yet long haul aircrew could end up in any corner of the globe. Furthermore, technical problems or weather issues may have a significant impact on where planes lands.

Any time’s not so fine. Pilots’ shifts can vary considerably, one day may start at 5am for four hours, while other shifts can start from noon for 13 hours. A European airline, for example, may offer a ‘five-day on’ or ‘four-day off’ routine with no scheduled overnight stops.

Sleepy in Seattle. There’s a high chance that your date will be extremely tired when you snatch a few hours (or luckily a day) of their company. Don’t be offended if they yawn occasionally as you enthusiastically engage them in conversation or, at worse, witness their head fall face first into their bowl of minestrone soup!     

Where to date?

‘Where’ and ‘whenever’ might be the first options for aircrew working long, relentless flights. However, snatching a conversation with a stewardess on a break from seat 35 might not be the best way to start plucking those heart strings, having met them online.

Putting your safety first, here are a few ideas of where to date:

  • In the UK. Bars, restaurants or any activity near the person’s home location, preferably in the UK; finding a venue off a remote island of Madagascar may prove challenging.
  • At the airport. This location might seem a little contrived, and maybe the last place a flight attendant wants to date. However, remember there are plenty of places in and around airports, including hotels with laid-back lounges and bars – perfect for getting to know the date and to get the conversation flowing.
  • European city day hop. Whether you’re combining the date with business or pleasure or just fancy meeting in a European city, a date on the continent could add a little spice to the encounter. Furthermore, you’ll both have something in common: to explore the sights, sounds and scenery of a foreign city – from sampling freshly-baked croissants outside a Parisian Café to sharing a gondola in Venice during a sunset.

So, there you have it. Whether love is in the air or not, remember that 30,000ft is a long way up. And, if your vision is of the romantic gods, take care choosing (or not) who you fall for. After all, love should lift you up where you belong…

Aircrew not your cup of tea?

Remember, you could find your match across many other uniformed professions including police officers, firefighters, military personnel, nurses, doctors and many other occupations.

Oh, and by the way, do tell us about your dating encounters in the comments box below or via the social media buttons.