7 Dating Mistakes Everyone Makes Over and Over

Man and Woman Making Dating Mistakes

Here are 7 common dating mistakes that people continue to make without ever realizing they are even making a mistake!

  1. Ctrl + C and Ctrl + P = Cheating

If you think a cut, copy, pasted pick up line is what will help you get the date of a life time, you are sadly mistaken. You may not be the wittiest person on the block, but when you resort to “CCPing “ your smooth lines, it is obvious. People can tell when someone isn’t genuine, even if it is just online.

  1. Don’t Post Your Best Picture

For the most part, people don’t always look like they do in the best picture that they have of themselves. Either the picture has some photoshopping, the picture is at least 10 years old, or maybe you had make up on and beautiful clothing that is much different than your everyday clothes. Whatever the case may be, you never want to use your best picture because it is a little unrealistic.

  1. Read the Profiles

People put a lot of thought into what they will put on their online dating profile. They want to create a profile that attracts potential partners and is interesting enough to get them to send a message. So it is always wise to read someone’s profile. Their picture may not scream “Dream Match,” but when you read the profile, they could be exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Online Interaction is Just the Tip

Just because you were able to talk to her online doesn’t mean she is your just yet. You have to extend the lines of communication further than that. Chatting online is fine, but you have to text her, call her, take her out.

  1. Be Careful with What You Say and Who You Say it To

You shouldn’t automatically assume that people on a dating website don’t communicate with each other. Most of the time, these little communities are an excellent place to forge friends, which is what many will do. So you never want to say anything that could get you into trouble with anyone else.

  1. Casting a Broad Net With your Search

Rather than searching for reasons to exclude people, look for reasons that attract people to you. Contact individuals who may share in similar hobbies as you. Or you could attempt to talk to someone that you normally wouldn’t talk to. Who knows what kind of great people you’re missing out on, simply because you are sticking to a small pool of potential daters.

  1. Consider a Paid Membership over Free Websites

If you are presented with two companies that offer the same service, but one is a pay to use and the other is free to use, you would probably choose the free option. You aren’t the only one — why pay for anything when you don’t have to, right? Especially when you aren’t guaranteed to find a match with a paid website. Be that as it may, you may find that you’re wasting time by either website, but why waste money unnecessarily?