Why you should take off your underwear this minute….

By Andy Moore

‘What?’, ‘Why?!’ ‘How outrageous you may bluster!’ For what reasons would you need to part company with your pants or neglect your knickers? This might be a little risqué, no? Your retort might also be: ‘It’s much easier to go to the loo without them on’ or, more practically (as if we haven’t been so already), ‘Underwear gets wet if you leave them on in the shower…’

So why should you take them off this minute? Well, if you’re a professional in uniform, lack of time and emergency situations are flimsy excuses for keeping them on. Even so, time waits for no one, except for men waiting to buy new underwear that is… Did you know?

Men keep their underwear for 7 years!

‘No way’, you say – I cannot believe that men keep their underwear for 7 years! I have younger carpets than that. The research, commissioned by a KARE 11 Sunrise survey of UK males, also found that an alarming 22% of men admitted to wearing the same pair multiple days in a row. Nice.

No time to change my underwear anyway. Honest.

Apart from going on a date with a tinker, tailor, solider or sailor (hang on is this a song?), or a nurse for that matter, there might be little need to change your undergarments. Think of a surgeon toiling in a 24hr operation – or a soldier defending a position over several days – there’s not always time to whip off your Y-fronts as easily as removing your scarf!

But while blokes may ‘scare’ with their underwear, the fairer sex is not always quick on the draw in changing their draws:

Go commando? 10% of American women have confessed to occasionally having gone ‘commando” to avoid visible panty lines.

This was from 2012 research by the Panty Raid Lingerie Blog. It also found the average American woman owns about 21 pairs of underwear – and around 10% of US women own over 35 pairs. Wow, that’s a lot of elastic to be ecstatic about…

Four more reasons to take your underwear off now…

  1. It’s summer. Still. Give your undercarriage some air. Wherever you may be, let the wind travel free.
  2. If you’re a man, you could extend the life of your briefs to eight years through less wear and tear. How? Simply retire your draws to the drawers for another day or two.
  3. To destroy your enemy to Kingdom Come! Read how abomber plot failed because a crew member wore same the pants for two weeks.
  4. You plan to train for the next Tour de France. Did you know that most professional cyclists ride without underwear? At this year’s Tour de France that started in Yorkshire, around 180 cyclists were ‘very cheeky’ under all that lycra…