Subtle Signs that You May Be Addicted to Love

love addict

There are all types of addictions out there, but you only really hear about the harmful ones. Of all the things you could be addicted to, love may be one of the best.

It may seem like it is harmless and it is all good times, but an addiction is still an addiction and one that you have to overcome.

Although not everyone is guilty of loving the prospect of love too much, there are more people who love more than they realize. Here are some signs that will let you know that you’re in love with love!

Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday

Nothing says love like an entire day dedicated to it. If this is one of your favorite holidays, if not the favorite, then you are addicted — especially if V-Day trumps Christmas or even your birthday!

You always have to know about other people’s relationships

If you are always up to date with the latest happenings in your friend’s relationships, chances are you’ve got a problem. Sure, it’s healthy to inquire about your friend’s relationships, but you needn’t be so informed that you are the third person in it.

You’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to all things love

If you’ve got a Pinterest board filled with lovey dovey quotes, love-inspired crafts, and romantic vacation ideas and other love themed pins, then yes, you may be addicted to love.

You always use the emojis with hearts and heart eyes

It is perfectly fine to use these emojis every now and then when you are texting, but when every other text message uses a love-themed emojis? That’s just a little overkill.

You are always in a relationship

Those who are addicted to love are people who are never single for very long — if ever. These people are often the ones who will be the first one to call it quits in a relationship once the romance dies out and they aren’t getting the warm fuzzy feeling that they crave.

You always say “I love you” first

When you’re addicted to love, then you are going to fall in love easily and probably rather quickly. This means you are usually the first person to say those three words and you often feel crushed when they don’t respond likewise.

You find a way of turning any conversation into one about love or your lover

You could be talking about the price of tea in China and somehow that very conversation with come back to how much your partner loves Oolong tea and that you both are planning a vacation to Hong Kong one day. You’ve got a real problem if you can easily turn a mundane conversation into love and not miss a beat.
You panic when the thought of not being in a relationship enters your mind
People can be afraid to be alone, but the very idea of not being in a relationship or ending up loveless will send the love addicted people into complete panic mode.

You rely on love for your happiness

The only way you are happy is if you are in a relationship or you are in love. If you feel like you can’t be fully happy without having someone in your life, then you may have a serious problem.