Why it May Be Time to Date Outside of Your Type


Dating is difficult and one way we try to simplify it is by adhering to our “type.” We do this because we are attracted to a particular kind of person and because of that, we have blinders on when it comes to someone who doesn’t quite fit. We don’t realize that because we don’t date outside of what we know we are attracted to, it could be one of the reasons why our past relationships ended.

Now, this isn’t to say that you should completely abandon your type — you’re attracted to who you’re attracted to.

Three reasons why you may want to taste the different other flavors

1. You May Meet Someone Great

You may not realize it, but by limiting yourself to a certain type of person, you are missing out on a lot of great people. For example, if you usually prefer a free spirit who is interested in the arts, you may never give that business professional a second glance. Little do you know that, while they hold an office job, they may have an art studio downtown and their art is their true passion. But, you would never know that because you didn’t even give them a chance.

2. You Didn’t Even Realize That Your Type Has Changed

Much like our taste buds, our preferences can change on occasion, whether it be every few months or every few years. We tend to think that we like who we like and that is a constant. These changes can be contributed to where you are in life, where you want to go, and even your experiences can help change what type of person you want to date. If you want a better example of this, look at who you dated in high school. Compare that with who have dated the past few months. There is probably a big difference between the two, right? Time allows us to change and this includes what we think we want in a relationship and in a partner.

3. Your Dating Circle Needs to Expand

Perhaps you date a particular type of person because of cultural or societal pressures. Why, even your family and friends may influence the type of person you date. While it is easy to give in to these outside influences, you are the only one who actually has to deal with the limitations. What we mean is by dating only people who have a certain profession or a particular standing within the community, you are limiting yourself considerably. By expanding your dating circle and reevaluating the type of person you find attractive and want to date, you are opening yourself to new people and even new experiences.

Of course, sometimes people who do date outside of their type realize that they have a type for a reason; which is totally find. Sometimes all it takes is dating someone completely new is exactly what you need to gain new perspective and appreciate the qualities that you may have normally taken for granted.