10 Signs She’ll Be a Clingy Girlfriend

clingy girlsfriend

There’s a very thin line between a loving girlfriend and a clingy one. Unfortunately, many women feel they are just being a good girlfriend but their boyfriends feel completely smothered and grow wary of the clinginess.

First thing that you need to understand is that a clingy girlfriend doesn’t necessarily make her a bad one.

She is needy for your attention because she feels unappreciated and unloved in the relationship and that breeds insecurity which leads to the cling factor.

Fellas, if you suspect the girl you’re talking to may be a clinger, here are 13 signs to keep an eye out for.

1. Lack of Space – The most noticeable trait of a woman that is going to be clingy is she won’t want to spend time away from you. She needs to hang out every day, doesn’t want you to hang out with your friends, why, she would even want to go with you on errands.

2. She wants to talk for hours – While it’s nice to talk someone and feel like you have a meaningful
conversation, however, a clingy girl will want to drag the conversation on and on.

3. She doesn’t have a life – You could have tentative plans to hang out with your friends buy she will whine and complain about you wanting to go out with them instead of her. When you suggest that she go out with her friends, she’ll make up some excuse as to why she can’t.

4. She thinks everyone is a bad influence on you – We all know someone who is a bad influence, but that’s okay because you have enough sense to know better. Unfortunately, your girl feels that everyone in your circle is a bad influence and will want you to distance yourself from them.

5. She plays the damsel in distress card too often – Men like to feel needed, but there is a line between being needed and being used. A perpetual damsel in distress is someone who comes to you for everything and doesn’t want to do anything herself.

6. She is often insecure around other women – Whenever you’re out at a party or some kind of event with your girl, you are going to run into people and meet new folk. If she gets jealous when you meet a woman who is prettier than she, you better believe she will have some insecurity.

7. She doesn’t like when you spend time with your friends – She is greedy with your time and wants you all to herself.

8. She thinks the relationship needs improvement – Most relationships aren’t going to be perfect, but she will do whatever she can to improve it, even if that means couples counseling. Remember, you shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in this relationship if you aren’t happy.

9. She is suspicious – When she starts playing the 20 questions game about where you’ve been, it’s not a good sign, unless you give her full reason to ask those questions.

10. She wants to keep in touch all day – On those days where you aren’t together, she’ll keep texting and calling you.