How to Get a Boyfriend The Easy Way

man and woman flirting

Being a single woman in today’s day and age has it’s perks, but it can get lonely, especially when our busy schedules makes it pretty difficult trying to find the time to get out there and date. Don’t worry honey, we’ve got a few simple steps that you can follow that will help you snag yourself a date with someone.

1. Spread the word!
While you don’t have to actually send out a mass email or text in order to get the word out, simply by telling a few trusted friends and family members that you’re interested in dating, you can be you’ll find someone who happens to know someone who is perfect for you. Even if you don’t have a connection with this person they may set you up with, at least you are meeting new people and broadening your networking circle.

2. Don’t be afraid to use social media to your advantage.
We all do it from time to time—you know, that unintentional “like” on an older photograph or status update. Instead of panicking and unliking it, hoping that they don’t see it, leave it alone. You never know where that accidental “like” could lead! Who knows, maybe they have a crush on you too and they were afraid to approach you.

3. Dating in the workplace doesn’t have to end in failure.
You know how people discourage you from trying to date a coworker? They say things like it’s against company policy (which is a valid argument) and it could make the job complicated if things go south. If you are dead set against dating a coworker, there’s nothing preventing you from flirting and dating people that are regulars at the same places you frequent. For example, you could chat up your neighbors, the bartender or waitress at your favorite spot, or maybe even the cute barista at your favorite coffee shop. Anywhere you go, you have the potential to meet someone that could be a possible boyfriend.

4. Don’t count out online dating and apps.
It should go without saying that online dating and dating apps on your smartphone are becoming more and more popular among singles. The beauty of trying to find a boyfriend this way is that you don’t have to get dolled up, leave your house, get hit on by creepy guys, and waste your money! You can do it all from the comfort of your own home and surf through the plethora of singles in your area who are looking to date someone. Okay, so you may come across a few creepy guys who only want to hook up, but fortunately you can just block these guys.

5. Make a joke of it.
If you absolutely cannot find a date by any of these methods and you don’t mind being the center of attention, you can wear one of those humorous t-shirts that literally advertises that you are single or that you are girlfriend material. Though these are intended to be funny, it is a great conversation starter and you could find a boyfriend.