9 Stereotypes Men Have When Categorizing a Potential Date

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Look over the following stereotypes and ask yourself which one would men most likely put you into?

The Nice Girl
Every guy likes a nice girl. They like her company and will usually wind up in the friend zone because she is too sweet and nice. For most men, she is the best friend they could hope for, partially because she gives them advice on how to approach other women!

The Backup Woman
This woman is the one that he will call when he’s lonely or when he can’t find a woman that he really wants to date. This woman typically is always ready to hang out simply because she already has a thing for him and he knows it (and uses it to his advantage).

The Unattainable Woman
This lady is what every man wants to date because she has a great career, is beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, confident… She’s just the whole package. Because she has so much going on, many men are afraid to approach her because they don’t think they are worthy of her time or attention.

The Arrogant Woman
This woman believes that every man wants to be with her, but no one actually does. In fact, this woman is the one that guys will crack jokes on all night when they are out with other men. You’ll find that this woman hides behind false bravado and actually does whatever she can to get a man’s attention.

The High Maintenance Woman
This woman could be the woman of your dreams if only she didn’t have expensive taste and was incredibly difficult to please. Most cases, she doesn’t realize she’s high maintenance — even though she doesn’t usually date men whose pockets aren’t deep.

The Off Limits Woman
This woman is someone men won’t even try to date even if she’s incredibly attractive, thanks to the Bro-Code. If she is dating a good friend or if a friend likes her, he won’t pursue the woman. Keep in mind, if she is dating someone he doesn’t know or care for, you better believe he is going to try to talk to her, though.

The Gold Digging Woman
This woman is kind of like the high maintenance woman, except she knows what she is doing and she refuses to date a broke guy. When a woman sets her eyes on someone, she will evaluate how much he can spend on her and what she can get from him.

The Sugar Momma
This woman is the one who will spend her money on a guy without hesitation. She could be a rich older woman who wants a young boy toy, or she could be a nice girl who uses her money to try and win her crushes affection.