9 Thrilling Pick-Up Lines You Should Try This Halloween!


Halloween is perhaps the only time of year when you can don a different persona and be someone you’ve always dreamed of — or at the very least tap into your inner vixen and go out in your sexiest outfit without the negative connotations.

Halloween Pick-up Lines

If you find yourself single this Halloween, try one of these clever pick-up lines. Who knows, if it work maybe you’ll get a nice treat. Just be aware that not all pick-up lines are intended to make the other person swoon, but they are just a decent conversation starter… Hopefully.

1. I wanted to be a polar bear, but I guess (their costume) can break the ice also.

This pick up line can be used on about anyone, it’s pretty universal.

2. I bet you’re looking for an outlaw.

You can use this line on someone who is wearing a costume that is obviously asking for attention (read: the “sexy” costumes). You can also use this line on someone who is missing their “partner” costume. Like if someone is a police officer, you can be their criminal.

3. I’m a doctor and it is time for your shots.

This line only works if you are at a party where there is alcohol and you can approach someone with a shot or two. Free drinks is always a great way to break the ice!

4. You must be a UPS worker because you keep checking out my package.

Be warned, this line usually only works if you know the person has a sense of humor because it can be a little offensive if you say it to the wrong person. However, if you can pull it off, the other person may laugh and ask to see what you’ve got.

5. I was going to be a ghost, but you’ll be seeing my sheets later.

Again, this line should be used with caution because you don’t want to seem like a pervert.

6. Let me take off my mask so I can get a better look at you.

This line can be sweet if you aren’t wearing a mask. The person will see it as self-depreciating and try to reassure you that you aren’t as ugly as you pretend.

7. Next Year, let’s go as a unicorn. Do you want to be the front or the back?

If you are particularly charming and she has a sense of humor, you can let her know that you have a sense of humor by giving her the choice.

8. I know I just met you, but I like you more than candy corn.

You can use this any time because anyone knows that candy corn is disgusting.

9. Either it is this costume or it’s you, but I’ve got a boner.

Only use this line if you’re wearing a skeleton costume. Again, while you may be the most charming person around, if said in any other context, you may not like the reaction.