Tips on How to Flirt Over The Phone


Of all the ways that we flirt with each other, a telephone is a fantastic option. It removes the tension that people face when they try to flirt in person and it lets you blush those deeper shades of red without being too embarrassed.

What some people don’t really understand is that flirting on the phone isn’t much different from how you flirt face to face. The name of the game is to stay relaxed and maintain those alluring “come hither” vibes that really draws them in.

The Voice

Flirting on the phone is less about body language and more about the tone of your voice. Ladies, you will want to make sure your voice is deep and syrupy—like Fiona Apple says, “Slow like honey and rich with mood.” What this means is to avoid talking too quickly and while honey is sweet, there is something decidedly sultry about how smooth and rich it is. Of course, we understand that there are some people who simply do not have voices that can get that seductive tone. Fear not! Simply drop your voice and octave but still stay true to your personality.

Your Mannerisms

Although you may not be able to see their body language and it isn’t that important, it still plays a small role in flirting on the telephone. Your tone of voice usually matches your mannerisms. This means that people can usually tell when you are smiling or frowning, even if you’re on the phone. Practice these body languages when you’re on the phone with your friends. Notice how differently you sound when you are sitting casually and with your arms relaxed and then try talking with your arms crossed and you feel rigid. You’ll notice that your voice is clipped and you may even feel a bit more on edge.

Also, you should always remember that when you talk that you are smiling. After all, you are talking to the person that you eventually want to date! Your smile will translate through the phone lines and they will be able to sense how happy you are.

Use Your Words Wisely

While the tone of your voice and your mannerisms is important when flirting on the phone, you have to keep in mind that the things you say play a huge role in your flirting as well, so much that it could literally make or break your attempts of flirting. By keeping your conversation light and carefree, rather than discussing the heavy hitting topics or the ones that aren’t interesting or are too controversial, you are keeping their interest and engaging them. You can also drop key phrases that allude to flirtatious repartee. Let’s say that you’re talking about your day and when you drop a line that suggests that although you had a good day but it would have been so much better if I spent it with you, you can be certain that the other person will take the bait and the flirty talk will continue between the two of you. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between flirtatious and vulgarity, so tread lightly.