10 Types of Selfies that Are Sure To Turn Her Off


The selfie is a crucial part of social interaction today, but not all selfies are good. Here are 10 selfies to avoid if you want to keep her interested in you.

1. The Selfie Collection – You might think that a collection of selfies is a good way to show your progress through the months or even years, it actually does absolutely nothing for women; especially if your selfie timeline is to document the epic journey of that beard you’ve been working so hard to grow.

2. The Pubic Baring-Shirtless Selfie – While you may think to show off your bare chest and that chiseled (or not so chiseled) V of your groin is sexy, many women may not be so eager to agree—especially if you are showing more pubic hair than the actual V.

3. The Artsy Car Selfie – Unless you are obviously in the passenger seat rocking out to Red Hot Chili Peppers, you shouldn’t even be thinking about posting a car selfie. Look, we know you’re probably going for that contemplative look while gazing out the window, in our minds, you are more interested in trying to look hip than focus on safety and we don’t want to copilot for someone who can’t keep their eyes on the road.

4. The Low Angled Selfie – There is nothing sexier than getting a picture up your nose. From this angle, we see nothing but dark shadows on your face, a harsh jaw line, and a clear view of what’s up your nose.

Please spare us this view because we won’t give you much of a second thought if you send us a selfie from this angle.

5. Using Pic Stitch – This should only be used for birthday shout-outs. People who use it for an everyday Instagram posting are deemed to be narcissistic because you couldn’t decide which photo captured your true essence or which filter gave you the right amount of mystery while still looking artistic.

6. Flipping the Bird Selfie – Look, if you are trying to woo us by showing that you’re a bad boy and giving us the middle finger, think again. A real man who is trying to get a date would be saying “F-You” right off the bat. And if you were, you shouldn’t be too surprised why you’re single.

7. The Selfie Straight from Tinder – If you’re sending us a picture from Tinder, you are letting us know that we aren’t the only one’s you’re trying to talk to, but that you are also not very serious about a relationship and just want to hook up, which is fine, except it lets us know that you don’t really care who you hook up with. Now that is the real turn off.

8. “This Could Be You” Selfie – This selfie is where you have taken a selfie with another woman and you’ve blocked out her face and suggesting that you (meaning the recipient of the selfie) could be taking her place. It’s not a very inviting selfie to be receiving…

9. The Cuddly Selfie – You know the one where you are trying to be cute and post with your eyes closed because you’re “sleeping” but we know you’re awake and you’re being a little (read: a lot) strange.

10. Okay, you work out. You’ve got muscles. Yay.