Using Social Networks To Date: Are You Doing it Right?


If you’ve been dating online for a while now, you’re pretty aware that it takes some skill. There isn’t a secret method to the back and forth that goes on in dating, especially when we combine that with our online social life — those lines can even get blurred a little. We often are left wondering which sites are we networking on and which ones are we using to find a potential match on?
You aren’t the only one. It appears that this blurred line is so hazy, it’s open season for daters to experiment. So long to the days when if you want to try online dating, you would have to sit through question after question so that you just might meet someone who isn’t a complete waste of time. Yes, there are countless places to channel your dormant Casanova, but you haven’t had the success that others may have.

If you are one of those who does use social media as a way to network and hook up, you may be interested to learn how you can make the most of it.

1. Find people in your area.

Social media enables us to find others in our area and connect with them relatively easy, especially when there are groups designated especially for that. Once you’re a member of a local group, you can either keep an eye out on the messages posted by the members, or just look through the member list. From there you can send them a message, invite them to follow you back, and since you live in the same area, invite them to meet up.

2. Flirt through a mutual connection.

It’s strange that on social media, a person can have hundreds of friends, even though in real life they may not associate with any more than 15. Be that as it may, you can use your friend’s list of friends and introduce yourself. Keep in mind that this tactic could be hit or miss, as they may already be in a relationship. If you don’t want to be so bold, you can respond to their comment should they say something on one of your friend’s post.

3. Chatting it up.

Almost all social media outlets have a function where you can chat with another member privately. These private chats can be quite telling as it allows you to get a better idea of who the person is (if you don’t already know them) and what they want in life. A great conversation starter with this tactic is about a status update or a picture they may have posted. People love talking about themselves in one way or another, so why not use it to your advantage?

4. Stay in their focus.

If you’ve made yourself known to the person you’re interested in, you don’t want to fade from their sight for too long, if at all. Like a status every now and then. Leave a comment here or there whenever you aren’t engaging in a private conversation. You want to stay fresh in their minds!