Use One of these Flirtatious Emoticons To Spice Up Any Conversation

flirty emoticons

Over the past few years, texting has become one of the predominant ways we communicate with one another. With that said, people have taken it one step further and have cut out using words and replaced them with little pictures that convey exactly what you want to be said. The subtext behind some of these emojis will have the person on the other end anxious for the next time you meet, thanks to the underlying suggestion.

If you want to really get your flirt game on via text, sprinkle these little guys in your conversation—just be sure you know what kind of message you’re trying to convey.

1. The Blushing Kiss – This should be used when the person you’re talking to says something sweet and you’re flattered by what they said. Via technology, this blush translates relatively well and it can have two meanings—you are tickled pink by what they wrote or you’re speechless.

2. Sticking Out the Tongue – This emoji is intended to let him know that you enjoy his humor and that you’ve got a sense of humor yourself. When you use this emoji, it usually means that you are playful and you react well to a variety of different jokes. You will want to use this emoji when you want the flirtatious banter to continue.

3. Hearts for Eyes – Do you have any idea how many people will take this emoji out of context? People don’t seem to know when to add this little guy to your conversation, and here’s our advice—less is more. You will want to use this emoji when you want to show a bit of love after a fun date. Just be certain that it is used sparingly because otherwise, the person you went out with may start thinking that you are completely smitten and want to have his babies. Or, something like that.

4. The Wink – The winky face is one that everyone knows and love. This classic fella is a favorite among texters because it is a straightforward emoji that lets him know that you are picking up on his flirty comments and you like them—a lot. When should you use this emoticon? When you are tired of beating around the bush and you want to send a scandalous message with a coy little wink to get your point across.

5. The Angel Baby – This unassuming emoticon may give off the impression that you’re sweet and innocent, but the truth is this emoticon is basically the equivalent to a bit of foreplay before the main event. We don’t know how exactly it translates to this, but for the texting aficionado, it means “I am down to get down.” You could use this emoticon when you want to let them know that you’re tired of playing games and you want to get straight to the point. Just make sure that when you do see them again, you better be ready to react.