Online Dating Tips Every Single Guy Should Follow

Online Dating Tips Every Single Guy Should Follow

Online dating isn’t going anywhere and it is one of, if not the, most popular way single men and women meet. Granted, single guys aren’t advertising to their friends that they’ve got a profile on a dating site (or maybe they do, but they say it is just for jokes), but you’d be surprised that there are millions of single men who are serious about looking for love.

As determined as these guys may be, they don’t always get it right when it comes to knowing what women want in a partner. We’ve got some dating advice for you single guys that just may help your chances find love sooner rather than later.

  1. Edit Your Stories

We understand that you may have lived an incredible life and you can’t wait to impress a lady with your heroic tales. Your profile is a good place to mention some of these things, but keep in mind, the key word is mention. You don’t want to go on and on about your trip to Machu Pichu and climbed to the very top. Sure, it’s a great feat, but for those who didn’t actually live it… It’s kind of boring. You could save the incredible details for later.

  1. Give Her Space

You come across a woman that fascinates you and you’ve exchanged a few emails; however, communication may have come to a stall and you’re wondering what happened. So you send her numerous emails and instant messages asking if everything is okay and what not. Guys, you don’t like when a woman floods your inbox, so give the ladies the same courtesy. Even if communication is going great, you still want to limit how often you communicate to one another. Limit yourself to one or two emails a day and a few minutes (15 minutes max) of instant messaging. This will keep her wanting more and that is the point!

  1. Don’t Jump Right Into Sexy Talk

This is a tricky topic because you don’t want to dive right into the risqué chat, but you also don’t want to not be open to the idea. You should play it by ear — if she steers the conversation toward sexy time, then by all means go for it. If the flirting seems more innocent than anything, then you should stay clear.

  1. Don’t Lie — Period

Lying about anything — your salary, your age, what you’ve done, your shoe size (if you know what we mean) — will always find a way to come back and bite you in the rump. Lying just becomes a problem and if you lie too much, you’ll have a hard time keeping your stories straight. Oh let’s not forget how embarrassing it is when the truth comes out, because let’s face it the truth always has a way of coming out. So… Don’t lie. Ever.

  1. Don’t Oversell Yourself

We want to make ourselves sound as appealing as possible, so we play up our best qualities. However, there is a fine line between overselling yourself and talking about yourself the perfect amount. You should be bold and share just enough information that will have her messaging you for more info immediately. That is the ultimate goal after all… Isn’t it?