7 of the Flirtiest Emoticons and What They Really Mean

7 of the Flirtiest Emoticons

When it comes to having a conversation via text messaging, the use of emoticons goes a long way, if you do it sparingly.

A study consisting of over 4,000 online daters by a popular dating site reveals that emoticons do matter. You want to know an interesting revelation? Nose matter in an emoticon. 🙂 will grant you a better chance of receiving a positive response while : ) is a one way ticket to being ignored.

So, how can you ensure that you send the right message? Learn how to use these emoticons to take flirting to the next level by understanding which emoticon means what and when to use them.

  1. The Blush

If there’s one thing that translates from technology into real life is the blush. This emoticon rolls the peck on the cheek with a slight blush, and it has two meanings: either you are flattered by what you just read or you are completely smitten and speechless. You should use this emoticon when you guy said or has done something sweet.

  1. Crazy Hearts

The emoticon with hearts for eyes is often overused and used in the wrong context. When you are flirting via text, it is a good idea to use this one sparingly. If you’re using this emoticon after every sentence, your guy may think that you’re obsessed. You should use this emoticon after you go on a great date and you want to show excitement but you aren’t too invested.

  1. Hey There

You know that sly grin with the eyebrows up, it is a perfect emoticon when you are feeling a little saucy and want to hint that you’re in the mood for some extracurricular flirtations. Just be aware that when you use this, there is no turning back.

  1. The Wink

This is the go to emoticon and is a fan favorite. This sends a straightforward message that you get the subtle (or maybe not so subtle) hints that lie behind his words and you are intrigued. You should use this emoticon when you don’t want to beat around the bush anymore and want to get to the point.

  1. The Angel

When you use the angel in a text conversation, people take it to mean that you are ready and willing to get down and dirty. The emoticon may seem pure, but it is the foreplay emoticon everyone recognizes. You can use this when you are anticipating some adult action when you see each other face to face.

  1. The Kiss

This emoticon is more appropriate for pre-hooking up. It’s not nearly as intimate and more of a prelude. You can use this emoticon to let him know that you’re thinking about his intense kisses and roving hands.

  1. The Tongue

Whether you use the tongue playfully or meaning something more sensual, you’ll get your point across. This can be used for every day flirting and is perfect for every situation. You can use this when you are teasing him or if you are genuinely looking for some fun.