8 Things Men Never Want to See On Your Dating Profile

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Women often find it difficult filling out their profile in a way that is appealing to men, rather than drive them away. What women find as a charming answer, will almost always make the guy click the back button.

8 things men don’t want to see on your dating profile

  1. Typical Profile Responses

When first going through the process of looking for someone online, we always look at the picture first. However, after we make our selections, we go and read through their profile. There is nothing more disappointing than finding a woman who is our ideal woman physically, but the profile itself reveals that there is no substance, or it is common stuff every other profile says. Be creative and put an interesting spin to your profile!

  1. Ranting About Dating Sites

It is counter-productive to complain about the quality of men on a dating site, if you are on a dating site looking for men. See? Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous? It doesn’t tell a thing about you except that you are a complainer, which no guy goes for.

  1. Odd Deal-Breakers

A profile is a great place to list your preferences, however when you start going in the direction of deal-breakers, you may want to keep it to legitimate concerns, cannot be a smoker, must not be a crook… Things like that. However, when you put stuff like they have to like something or be willing to learn, it comes off as being too demanding. Why would you cut someone off completely simply because they don’t enjoy a particular activity that you do?

  1. Being too Serious

Women who take themselves too seriously aren’t a turn on. When you go on and on about nonsensical things like astrological sign, feng shui, or some tattoo you got when you were in college, the men will feel like you aren’t placing value in really important things like health, happiness, and family.

  1. Constant Messaging

No one wants to be bombarded with non-stop messaging. So, don’t do it. It just comes off as incredibly needy.

  1. Women Who Love Everything

Whether it is “love life” or “love to laugh,” statements like this are so common and so basic. After all, who really hates to laugh? And if you hated life, would you really be online trying to find a partner? We didn’t think so either.

  1. If You Cannot Live Without Material Objects

Some websites may ask this question out of jest, but when women answer with materialistic things, you just come off as vapid, materialistic, and someone not many men want to deal with. Ideally, men want answers to this question to involve family, friends, and your health.

  1. Stating the Obvious

When you say things like “I hate cheaters,” or “I hate liars,” it makes men think to themselves, “Well who does?” When you say things like that, it gives the men looking at your profile the idea that you’ve been cheated on and lied to in the past; and because of this, you are now cynical and probably insecure.