8 Flirtatious Ways to Text Your Crush to Get Them Interested

flirty texting

Why is texting the most preferred way of communication for many people? Because it is affordable and it can connect people with one another at any time of the day, anywhere in the world, and without having to distract too much from our daily lives.

Texting helps people communicate and talk about
things that are difficult to say in person, even if it does present a challenge trying to convey the tone of the message.

As much as we want to think we are complex creatures, the truth of the matter is we are pretty simple.

With texting, you can be honest and blunt about what you want to say without having to deal with awkward silences.

Here are simple flirtatious texts you can send your crush that will get their attention and pique their interest.

1. Say Hi. A simple hello is usually enough, but when you add a smiling emoji or even a question afterward, you are making them put some effort into the response and potentially starting a conversation.

2. Ask about their day. By asking about their day, you are showing that you are interested in their life. This question could get them on a long rant or you may get a simple “fine” response. Either way, the underlying message that you care still remains.

3. Follow up with an open ended question. If they don’t want to elaborate on their day, you can ask them a question that requires more than a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

4. Show them an amusing meme. A lot of people use memes to start conversations or to help drive a conversation forward. No one dislikes a funny meme and if you’re able to send one that they’ve never seen before, they’ll be laughing and be grateful for your sense of humor.

5. Be choosy about the amount of emojis you send. You should never send too many emojis during a conversation. Sure, a smiley face or a well-placed winky face can enhance your conversation, but when you send a whole message in nothing but emojis, your crush may not understand what you are trying to say and it could end the conversation entirely.

6. Make your presence known once a day, tops. While you may want to talk to them all day every day, you should restrain yourself and only text him once a day at the most. If you flood their phone with messages and they don’t respond, they may think you’re a bit on the clingy side, which is never good.

7. Give them compliments. You can change the entire game when you are communicating with your crush by offering them a few sincere compliments. Studies suggest that people who receive compliments are much more likely to find the giver of the compliment that much more attractive.

8. Ask them a favor. If you want to make a person feel special, you can’t go wrong by asking them a favor. He will feel like you need something that he can only give you and he’ll be much happier knowing that you look to him for help.