5 Reasons Why Professionals Should Try Online Dating

It’s no secret that online dating is becoming one of the most popular ways people meet one another. It is especially a convenient and fast way to meet people for professionals with a hectic schedule. Why, online dating is so popular, approximately 1 in 4 couples have met online? And that is still rising!

As incredible as that sounds, there are those who do not understand the allure of online dating. Many are still skeptical about the safety and legitimacy of the websites available for singles. If you are still on the fence as to why you may want to consider online dating, we’ve gathered some information that may sway you to the “dark” side.

1. Convenience

As a busy professional, we understand that you are going to have a busy schedule and you can’t go out and socialize as much as you’d like. Because of this, your dating life may suffer. Fortunately with online dating, you can create a profile and browse profiles in between meetings. With a good profile, you can come back from a meeting with several messages from people who are interested.

2. Save Money

In today’s sketchy economy, many people don’t have the funds to go on nice dates numerous times a week with someone they aren’t entirely sure they want to see on a regular basis. Online dating saves you money because you get to know the person better before deciding to go out and spend your hard earned money. It may sound cheap, but it’s just being smart — even if 57% of online daters make over $75,000.

3. Wide Pool of Eligible Singles

Professionals may find it difficult to get out there and date because they feel that there aren’t many singles in the area that share the same interests as them. When you turn to the internet for your dating needs, you are opening yourself up to meet millions of people without ever stepping out of your home (or office). With 49.25 million people who have tried online dating in the United States alone, the chances of you being able to find some people who you are compatible with are very good.

4. Love On Line

If you are looking to find a long lasting love, people who have found their partners online are less likely to get a divorce. According to a 2013 study found in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that when 20,000 people were asked how they met their spouses, 35% said online. The study also reveals that the couples who have met online only had a 6% chance of separating, whereas those who met offline would have an 8% chance of separating.

5. Variety

Because there are so many different dating sites available, you can join a site that has your specific desires in mind. If you are interested in dating Christians, there are dating sites where everyone must be a Christian. If you prefer to date someone in uniform, there are sites for that as well. The possibilities are limitless!