The 7 "Golden" Rules Of Dating In 2016


The dating game changes so often that now everything and anything is possible in the dating world. The changes in technology and availability of social networking sites have definitely altered the old- fashioned ways of dating. However, now young couples are trying to get back to the old-fashioned ways in their modern lifestyles.

Let’s look at the 7 “Golden” rules of dating in 2016

1. Be Present in Your Date

Not just physically present (duh!), but mentally as well. It is not uncommon to sit in a restaurant and see people buried in their phones, busy socializing on Facebook, when they could be socializing in real life.

So, stop ignoring your date, put away your phone and connect with your potential partner for life. You will never really get to know someone if you don’t spend actual time with them.

2. Keep a Balanced Social Life

When dating, don’t just drop everything and make your entire life all about them. Every relationship is exciting and passionate in the beginning, but when the lust dies, you don’t really know if love is there.

The best way to keep your relationship passionate is by spending an appropriate amount of time together, without getting sick of each other.

3. Cut Out the Mind Games

It’s not high school anymore and neither is it the 90s that you are playing hard-to-get or whoever-cares-less-wins. Be straightforward with the person you are dating. If you like him/her, call up. If you don’t, let them know it’s not working out and you want to end it. Don’t leave people hanging on a string or play around with their feelings. Stay realistic.

4. Keep Intimacy Personal

Try to keep your personal life personal. Avoid posting cheesy love messages as your Facebook status or post endless pictures of dates on Instagram. The world doesn’t have to know about your love life and neither will it help you build a stronger relationship. While is it fine to share a few memories, stay modest.

5. Avoid Setting up Dates via Text Message

As easy as it is to send text messages, it is not courteous. Pick up the phone and arrange a proper date.
It will make your date feel more respected and there is less of a chance for your date to decline.

6. Don’t Ignore Red Flags

The first impression is definitely the last impression. If your date frequently uses foul language, didn’t dress properly for the occasion or drinks excessively, then run and run fast! Their current behavior is only a preview of their future behavior. Don’t judge too harshly either. Give your date a fair chance to impress you.

7. Avoid People Who Are Unavailable For You

If someone keeps putting off a date or cancels hours before you are due to meet, then don’t waste your time. Yes, everybody has busy schedules, such as a single mom or a surgeon, but scheduled dates are scheduled for a reason. If they can’t commit to a few dates, you can’t expect them to be available in the long run either.