How to Ask a Doctor Out on a Date

For most people, asking someone out on a date isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. The fear of rejection is too much for some people to handle, so they just don’t ask them out. Now let’s take this fear of asking someone out to another level. What if the person you are interested in is a doctor? Sure, you’ve always envisioned yourself dating a doctor, but are you prepared to actually date a doctor?

Portrait of a beautiful smiling doctor in front of her team

Here are some simple tips that can help you build your confidence so you can march in to the Doctor’s office and ask them out on a date.

1. Positivity is Key

Much of a doctor’s day is filled with disease, blood, and other not so pleasant things. Sometimes, these things can weigh on the doctor’s mind. In order to brighten their day, be your effervescent self. Show them your sense of humor and keep things light. They will appreciate someone who can make them laugh and take their mind off work.

2. Be Patient

Making the decision to pursue a doctor means acknowledging that their work and patients come first. Most doctors who work in a hospital have erratic hours and are on call, so you’ll probably spend many nights alone. Instead of getting angry that they missed your dinner date again, try being understanding of the situation. After all, when they aren’t with you, chances are they are helping someone feel better — isn’t that always a plus?

3. Make the Most of Alone Time

Let’s say you have been spending time together, maybe over a beverage in the cafeteria. While you may not be up to asking them out on a date just yet, take in everything that is being said. Pay attention to the conversation. Then, when you are feeling brave enough, you can surprise them with something that you remembered and use that to ask them out. For example, maybe they said they missed the latest episode of their favorite television show. You can ask them to meet you in the cafeteria or in a quiet courtyard. There, you can surprise them with a laptop that has the episode streaming — thanks to streaming services on the internet.

4. Understand You are Not the Only One Trying to Date a Doctor

While we like to think that we are the only ones who have an eye for a successful doctor, the truth of the matter is there are many people who are drawn in by the white coat and the stethoscope. Once you come to this understanding, you may find it easier to broaden your horizons and talk to some medical professionals like nurses or even physician’s assistants. A doctor does not have to be your end goal, as other medical professionals are just as intelligent, dedicated, and compassionate — they just have smaller college loan payments.