How to Subtly Tell Your Doctor You’re Into Them


Some people are fortunate enough to flirt with someone and it looks easy and natural. They have the ability to talk to anyone — no matter their status or profession. If you are not one of those people and you find it difficult to properly tell the person you are attracted to that you want to get to know them better.
Here are some simple ways that you can hit on your doctor without looking too awkward.

1. Smile

A smile is always a perfect opening for flirtations. When you are greeting your doctor with a genuine smile, it makes you more approachable and the vibe is much more relaxed. Of course, keep in mind that you don’t want to keep that smile plastered throughout your conversation. Use good timing and judgement.

2. Casual Conversation

You may be wondering how you can create a conversation with someone you barely know, but if you really like the person, you will be able to talk about almost anything. Since you don’t want to force the conversation, start off by telling them how you are feeling. This could be a good way to venture into other topics of discussion. Who knows what kind of interesting things you can learn about each other just by having a simple conversation!

3. Subtly Mention You are Single and Available

This may sound tricky but it is completely do-able. If you notice that there is no ring on their finger, you can work your lack of a partner into the conversation. For example, you can say that your friends are dragging you to a singles retreat. Or, if you are not the best at making things up, simply wipe some pretend stray hair from your face — make sure your ring finger is visible!

4. Find a Common Interest

As hard as it may be to believe, doctors have lives outside of their office. You can find out what they like to do in their spare time by looking around the office. If they have photographs of their children playing baseball, you can ask if they are interested in major league baseball. If they have fishing trophies, ask what their largest catch was. The doctor’s office is a treasure trove of information — if you know where to look!

5. A Well-Timed Touch

You’re at the end of your appointment. Most places, the doctor hands you either you prescription or notes from the visit. When they do, let your fingertips graze their hand for a few moments. The light touch that lasts the right amount of time will send the right signal. Just be sure not to linger too long because it will just be a little too strange.
While doctors are people too, trying to date one, much less hit on one can be intimidating. But, with a little bit of self-confidence and the right flirting techniques, you just may be able to land your own McDreamy.