10 Answers To Your Most-Asked Dating Questions

solving dating issues

Dating can be very complicated and you may often find yourself in a situation when you just don’t know what to do. So here are 10 dating guidelines that will solve some riddles.

1. How Will I know If It’s Time To Break Up?

A lot of people are unable to break away from a relationship, even when they are miserable. If you find yourself constantly fighting with your dating partner, or experiencing physical or emotional abuse, then it’s definitely time to end it.

2. Can I Date My Friend’s Ex?

It doesn’t matter how incredible your friend’s ex is, you cannot date them unless they are ok with it. You can always find someone new to date, but good friends come rarely.

3. How can I enjoy dating on a tight budget?

Dating can be expensive for both sexes. Men are obliged to take women to a nice restaurant and are
expected to pick up the cheque. While, women are obliged to invest in an expensive outfit and look their best. However, dating doesn’t have to be so cliché. Be creative with your dates and choose more casual, inexpensive venues.

4. How do I deal with an aggressive dating partner?

The best way to solve any issues is by communicating your concerns. Don’t let him/her ride all over you and don’t take all their tantrums seriously. If you find that your dating partner is overly aggressive, then voice your concerns.

5. How do I get him/her back?

Rekindling a relationship can be very complicated. If you screwed up, then you definitely need to
communicate that you made a mistake and you are ready to fix it. If it was two-way, then just ask them out for coffee and re-evaluate your relationship.

6. How can we spice up our sex life?

You don’t necessarily have to engage in crazy sexual activities just for the sake of spicing up your sex life. Instead, discuss your likes and dislikes and maybe you can find something new to do in the bedroom.

7. What’s a perfect kiss?

Instead of over-thinking about your perfect kiss, just go with the flow. Some couples are so keen on
making it perfect that they forget to live in the moment. The best kisses are unplanned and undecided.

8. How to plan a first date?

Instead of planning a cliché date, surprise him/her with something new and creative. The first few dates are a chance for you to make a good impression and also a chance to get to know them. So plan a date that will allow you to do those things.

9. How to create more understanding with my dating partner?

Passive-aggressive behaviour, silent treatments and carrying a large emotional baggage can make a couple miserable. To create more understanding, solve issues right away and communicate all concerns.

10. What kind of ‘red flags’ should I look out for when dating?

Your dating partner’s behaviours, attitudes, and comments are strong indicators if they are well-suited for you or not. If you find them emotionally unstable, insecure or just plain old crazy, then maybe it’s time you start seeing other people.