10 dating tips from Top Gun

Everyone quotes from Top Gun. It’s the ultimate aviation-geek romance. When the film hit the big screen in 1986, it brought its namesake US Navy flying school to global prominence, and consequently inspired a generation of pilots and aircraft enthusiasts. So much so that the Miramar institution is now rumoured to give out $5 fines to staff caught quoting from the film.

Dating advice from the cockpit

You may not be surprised then that Top Gun’s legacy of great quotes and high-octane romance contains some dating tips to die for. Maybe you need to aspire to alpha-male-dom, or maintain a particularly 1980s mindset when it comes to courting, but these 10 crackers should keep you flying high.
1. Never leave your wingman…
…said a wise man, once. And he was absolutely right, for both aerial warfare and love. Always set your sights high and stay focused, but never forget the pal you arrived with.
2. No points for 2nd place
This lesson, straight from the 80s, should be a no-brainer when you’re faced with the jungle of 21st century dating. Keeps your radar on the prize, keep your wingman close, but don’t let them jump in ahead of you.
3. Karaoke gets the girl
You know the scene. Tom Cruise’s Maverick drags Goose into a toe-curling version of ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’, all with the aim of winning Kelly McGillis’ character’s attention. Take note: the cringe-tastic approach seems to be working.
4. But be careful going on the pull in a Navy bar
You might naturally be drawn to drink there with the other pilots while off-duty, but the downside is you’ll end up propositioning a superior officer if you’re not careful.
5. When all else fails, there’s always beach volleyball
Top Gun’s shirtless volleyball scene has little for the mind and plenty for the body. It doesn’t necessarily tie in with the main romantic plot, but it certainly wins our hearts, if not our minds.
6. Don’t arrive at a date needing a shower
This is especially important if the date takes place in someone’s house. It’s just thoughtless and it doesn’t go down well.
7. No flirting during debrief
You might rock up to flight school intent on flirting with the strapping young pilots and RIOs sitting around you. This, however, only ends in bitter rivalry.
8. No flirting or swooning in the locker room
Tip number 6 also applies to towel-wrapped posing after your shower. You’ll win rivals, not lovers.
9. Brush up on your piano skills
You just can’t fail when you can play Jerry Lee Lewis on the ivories.
10. And finally… Don’t think. If you think, you’re dead
In the politically-correct 21st century we’d call that over-thinking. But just like when you’re flying an F-14 right to the edge of the envelope, over-thinking can deal a fatal blow to that perfect chemistry that starts a romance.

What’s the best corny line you’ve heard from Top Gun?