23 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Dating Profile

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You would be amazed by what kind of things we find on dating profiles around the internet.

23 of the most common things we’ve found that you should not do on your profile.

1. Never insult any group of people. There is nothing worse than coming across a profile that seems perfect; that is until they started hating on a particular group of people for one reason or another.

2. Refer to women as “girls.” This is just an insult to grown women everywhere.

3. Mention anything about a zombie apocalypse. Really? Zombies? And you want to be taken seriously?

4. Use hashtags on your profile. Hashtags should never be used outside of Instagram and Twitter. Period.

5. Use external links anywhere on your profile. You may think you are making your profile that much more interesting when you are only making people work hard in trying to get to know you.

6. Mention previous lovers. You should never mention your previous partners on your profile. This gives potential suitors that you aren’t over your ex and there are issues there.

7. Reference anything about starting over. This indicates that you’ve got baggage.

8. Use “etc.” when you have a list of likes, dislikes, and etc. See? It just doesn’t give us enough information.

9. Double spaces after you punctuate a sentence. You do this, and you are perceived as antiquated.

10. Refer to potential suitors as “you.” You might think you are being inviting, but sometimes it can be perceived as creepy.

11. Over use the exclamation points!!!!!!…!!!! It shows that you’re over eager, and that’s never attractive.

12. Make overly romantic statements. In your mind, this may seem like a sweet way to win someone over, but it just comes off as cheesy and like you’re trying too hard.

13. Fill your profile with rhetoric. One or two questions is enough, but any more than that would be overkill.

14. Use the phrase, “just like everyone else.” You aren’t like everyone, so don’t claim that you are.

15. Use lists in every section of the profile. It might be easy to read, but it doesn’t give much information.

16. Say “My friends say…” You are trying to sell yourself so don’t rely on what your friends say because it doesn’t show that you are confident in who you are as a person.

17. Make obvious sexual references. Unless you are on a site that encourages that type of interactions, you want to avoid this because it only shows that you are after one thing.

18. USE ALL CAPS. Stop. Yelling.

19. Mention you financial situation. Whether it is in the red or the black, any mention of money is too personal for a profile on a dating site.

20. Reveal any medical conditions. You may want to save this for after they send you a message.

21. Use any emoticons. Some people say one or two is alright, but we suggest leave the emoticons for texting.

22. Wax poetically about anything and everything. No one cares.

23. Mention that you want a “drama free” relationship. This clearly indicates that you’ve seen your fair share of drama filled relationships.