3 Dating Tips You Need to Know Right Now


The dating game can be rife with unspoken rules, tricky games, and horrible tactics one employs in order to get the upper hand. It makes a person wonder since when has dating become a strategy game that one person has to win? We tend to forget that we are playing with people’s emotions while we do these things and our actions can make or break the possibility for a second date much less the hopes of a relationship.

The members of UniformDating.com has voted on three of the most important things you need to keep in mind while playing the dating game. Though these aren’t the end all, be all rules that will ensure you that you will have success on every date you ever go on, but they will enlighten you and help you have more good first dates than bad.

Tips for First Dates

1. Be Observant, But Also Open Minded

When you approach a first date, it may be your first instinct to start judging the other person even before you sit down and order drinks. Don’t! Looks can be deceiving (as they usually are) and although the person may not be your ideal mate physically, they could be everything you want on a spiritual, intellectual, and emotional level.

Just observe them while they are conversing with you. Take note of how comfortable they are in their own skin, their mannerisms when the conversation heads in a sketchy direction, and especially take note of how they treat the wait staff. These indicators will give you an idea of what kind of person they are.

2. Be Honest If They Make You Uncomfortable

Should the conversation head into a bad direction, speak up and tell them that you prefer not to talk about XYZ. If they behave in a manner that offends you, like being too eager to please, try to use flattery that isn’t genuine, or if they are overly sexual, don’t hesitate to say something. Mind you, you don’t want to say anything in a confrontational manner; but, by standing your ground and saying that their behavior is unacceptable, you are giving them the opportunity to correct it. If they don’t correct their behavior then you know they aren’t serious about the date or you. And at that point you can say good bye without feeling guilty.

3. Know When To Move On

Sometimes we fool ourselves into giving someone multiple chances to sweep you off your feet. We make excuses for them over and over, and we aren’t doing anyone any favors in the process. We are just wasting our time, energy, and emotional sanity on someone who doesn’t care enough about us to take our concerns to heart. In a situation like this, you have to know when it is time to say enough is enough and be done with that negative person. You’ll find that when you wash your hands of someone who doesn’t try to tone down their behavior, their bad habits, or whatever bothers you, you will open yourself up to someone who does want to be your everything.