5 Interesting Reasons to Begin Dating a Doctor

The time has come and you are bored with the single life. You have dated musicians, artists, farmers, and even someone who was on their way to becoming a felon. Now, you are ready for an adult relationship with someone who is smart, mature, independent, and can make your parents proud—oh! In addition, they have to wear a uniform for work.

You could choose any public service guy like a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, or even a soldier… However, you may have a little bird (AKA Mom) whispering in your ear that you deserve a doctor. Well… Maybe she is right! There are some pretty awesome reasons to date a doctor rather than any ole’ Joe Shmoe.

1. Financially Stable

It is no secret that doctors make good money — regardless of their gender. Therefore, when you decide to nab yourself a McDreamy of your own, you can rest assured that he will probably have his own car and money. If you are someone who does not really like going Dutch on a date, chances are that if you date a doctor, you probably will not have to. This does not mean to go into a relationship with expectations of being a pampered princess; it just means that sometimes it is okay to forget your wallet every now and then.

2. Intellectual Conversations

Sometimes the usual dinner conversation between couples can get stale and redundant. You come to a point where pop-culture, sports, and weather conversations bore you to tears. When you date a doctor, there is a world of topics that you could discuss. Be warned: If he begins talking about surgical procedures or infections, it could get ugly.

3. Social Connections

One of the best ways to get ahead in the world is by your connections. You know that saying, “It’s all in who you know.” This is especially true in today’s economy where the job market is overwhelmed by jobseekers. By dating a doctor, you have an excellent opportunity to mingle and meet his friends, colleagues, and even clients. This will give you the chance to find new work, make friends with affluent people, and even get the skinny on some intriguing gossip.

4. Freedom

A doctor’s schedule is hectic to say the very least — especially if they work in the hospital. They are always on call and may have to leave at a moment’s notice. For some, this could put a strain on the relationship, however, if you can deal with ample space and the ability to do as you please… Then a doctor is your man because he will not expect you to call or text him several times during the day. Just remember that because he is so busy, you may not want to bother him at work unless it is an emergency.

5. Health Professional

This could be the biggest benefit of them all! You are dating a doctor! He knows the human form, he is knowledgeable about illnesses, irritations, infections, and anything else that could be wrong with your body. He even has the ability to write out prescriptions. Granted, this should not be the only reason why you want to date a doctor (it should not even be a reason, matter of fact). However, when you are not feeling well or you have a mysterious rash on your arm and cannot get in touch with your own doctor, they will be able to step in and tell you what is wrong. Just be aware not to do this too often because they may feel used and get irritated by this.