5 Mistakes to Avoid while Online Dating

The world of online dating sites can be a treacherous one. Here are some hints and pointers, for the types of things to avoid while looking for love via the web.

Five Fatal Mistakes It Is Easy To Make While Online Dating!


Don’t let all your personal information out there, especially not until you are definitely ready to let someone into your life. This is doubly so, if you are a woman. Have a separate email account for your dating site profile and if necessary, a spare mobile phone. Arrange to meet in public places and let someone know where you are. Don’t give out more than you’re happy to have someone else knowing. There’s no need to give your life story in your profile, or the first time you meet.


So you have sent dozens of emails and texts to each other, but do you even know what their voice sounds like? Try a ten or fifteen minute phone conversation, before agreeing to go on a date together. It is a good way of sussing out whether you, literally, like the sound of each other and can actually keep a real life conversation going. If it turns out that you’ve got nothing to say to each other, at least you have spared yourselves an evening of awkward silences!


So you married an axe murderer? Everyone has a past and most of them may not have been perfect, else they would not be looking for love again. Try not to let past experiences cloud your judgement or blight your dating site profile! Even the best online dating site can’t help you, if you fill your profile with negatives and only say what you don’t want from a relationship. Start by saying who you are and what you do like and go from there.


Lots of adjectives in your dating profile can lead to an overload. Clear, concise descriptions of you and the things you like are the way forward. If you are sporty, describe something you have done (briefly though). Knowing when to stop talking is just as important as knowing where to start. Surveys of online dating UK have found that simple descriptions and being frugal with words reaps rewards. Less, in this case ,can most definitely be more!


Got lots of strong views? That’s great, but you might not want to scare off potential partners so early on with long tirades about politics and religion. That is not to say DON’T mention something like religion or political affiliations in your profile, if they are important to who you are, just not to go on about them all the time and worse still, expect someone else to be in complete agreement with them. It is probably best to try and keep topics light initially. Your suitor may not feel quite ready for a heated debate on divorce or discussion on family planning, so early on in getting to know each other.