6 Places Where You Can Meet a Good Woman

6 Places to Meet a Good Woman

You can only visit the bar so many times before people start wondering if you have a drinking problem. Adversely, you may frequent the romance section of your local bookstore or library in hopes to meet a hopeless romantic woman. If you hadn’t had any luck thus far in these places, perhaps it’s time to change either where you are going to meet women or what you are doing when you actually meet them.

Places where you can meet a woman that is good enough to bring home to mom

  1. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is known for their wholesome food and good deals. But did you know that you could meet women here? The women who shop at Trader Joe’s tend to be foodies who know how to be frugal with their money, enjoys food, is patient (have you ever seen the lines at Trader Joe’s?). You can casually mention that you love cooking healthy food at half the price.

  1. Game Night

Did you know that women make up the largest demographic in the gaming industry and account for 36% of the entire gaming population? So, if you like going on campaigns to find epic loot, you may want to seek out a woman gamer to have your back.

  1. A Concert

Concerts tend to be seen as one of the least desirable places to meet a woman, but think about you. It can actually be a good place to meet her. Why? Well, you already have something in common! You’re at a concert for a band that you both like. Did you know that many people prefer to date someone who has a similar taste in music? It only makes sense because who really wants to be stuck fighting over the radio station on a long car ride?

  1. The Dog Park

Yeah yeah yeah, we know you’re groaning, but the dog park is a great place to meet women! For some inexplicable reason, women are drawn to men who love animals — especially dogs. They let you show off your tender side, while still being playful. If you don’t already have a pooch, maybe you should go to the local animal shelter… After you finish this article of course.

  1. Wine Tasting

Ah, women and their wine — they seem to go hand in hand. Meeting a woman at a wine tasting is almost like a mini-date. Besides, what could be better than sharing a nice glass of wine with a beautiful woman? Yeah, not very much.

  1. Online

This is a no-brainer. There are millions of women who use an online dating website in an effort to find an eligible man to date. It’s as simple as finding the right website to join. Now, it can be tricky deciding which website you want to join, as there are just so many. It is important that you evaluate what you are looking for in a partner and in a relationship and then go from there.