7 Lessons from Military Couples So You Can Be Good at Love

military singles

Military couples can go months, sometimes years, without seeing their partners and as they can tell you, it isn’t easy. If you want to know how you can make your relationship last, follow these tried and true tips from military couples that really do work.

Learn some lessons that can work for civilian relationships

  1. Creative with Communication

Military folks know how important it is to keep the lines of communication open. But, there are only so many ways you can communicate before things feel monotonous. Spice things up a bit by playful and sexy, even if time doesn’t really allow for it. Everyone loves a seductive note in their lunch, after all.

  1. Keep the Passion Alive

By having a partner that you are attracted to, both inside and outside of the bedroom, you will find that you cannot wait to spend alone time with them. For military spouses, this passion is rooted in the understanding that they are doing what they have to do.

  1. Patience Certainly is a Virtue

For military people, being deployed is part of the game. Because military spouses never know when they will hear from their partners while they are away, they know how to patiently wait by the phone. It is necessary that they have a clear head and are able to keep calm.

  1. Deep Loyalty

Military spouses are very loyal to each other. This is one of the reasons why they remain committed to military service. In numerous ways, a military couple serves together — one on the battlefield and the other at home. The unquestioning willingness to consistently put their lives on the line for their country and their spouses deserve that loyalty, too.

  1. They are Supportive and Strong

Military spouses must find an inner strength within them to help them make it through the day whenever their partner is gone. And if you happen to be a parent, you will have to find that strength, not only for you, but for your children. People who are involved with the military, if directly or through their spouses, have to support each other.

  1. They Make the Most of Every Situation

When your partner is deployed, they are going to miss some of life’s biggest moments. While it is unfortunate, it is understandable. Instead of being upset about it, military couples find ways around it and make the most out of the time they can spend together. Many times they will come up with ways to communicate during the event or how to make it up to one another when the deployed partner comes home.

  1. Surround Themselves with Friends

Military spouses are known for caring for their own, meaning they will help out other military spouses should they ever need support of any kind. They understand how hard it is to manage things when your spouse is gone — even if it is just emotionally. The friendships that are forged with other military spouses could be some of the most supportive relationships you have.