9 Photos of Animals Being Saved By Men in Uniform

animals saved by people in uniform

When an animal finds itself in trouble, officers will do whatever they can to help. Officers take an oath to protect their community. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include people. Check out these heartwarming images of animals being rescued.

1. What about this chihuahua who found himself in a similar situation?


2. This happy little goat who escaped and was finally caught by police.

saved goat

3. And this escaped goat who had a taste for police cars.


4. This duck family who got assistance crossing the road.

police showing the road to a duck family

5. This swan who is in good hands now.

saved swan

6. This motherless kitten and her siblings who were found by police.

kittens found by police

7. This injured owl who was given the officer’s protective vest.

saved owl

8. And this injured owl who was found on the side of the highway.

injured owl

9. This dog who was used for dogfighting and left for dead on the railroad tracks.