9 Reasons Why The Nice Guy Finishes Last

Nice Guy

Have you ever noticed that men generally fall into one of two categories: the nice guy and the bad boy. For many men, they feel that they are the nice guy who always finishes last — and not in the good way.

Why you may not be getting the love that you deserve?

  1. Their personality doesn’t come off as genuine.

For many women, they feel that the nice guy is too nice. Strange, right? In a woman’s mind, when she sees that you are being too nice, you aren’t being real. And what person, let alone women, is willing to trust someone who isn’t real. Women prefer bad boys because they have no problem “keeping it real.”

  1. No self-respect.

Now this may be true and it may not, but many believe that nice guys lack self-respect because they don’t make demands or set boundaries. A bad boy on the other hand wouldn’t let a woman control him or try to walk all over them. Women tend not to respect a man that they can control, and when she doesn’t respect you, she isn’t attracted to you.

  1. Predictable.

The nice guy usually tends to live a very vanilla life. They don’t have many exciting hobbies, they don’t go out and do anything fun… It’s just boring. Bad boys present a challenge to women, and women enjoy a good challenge!

  1. It’s in a woman’s nature to nurture.

Women are designed to nurture and with a bad boy, she gets to do that. They think that they will be able to “save” them; and we can agree that a nice guy simply doesn’t need to be saved.

  1. Women need to feel needed.

How many nice guys need to be “fixed?” None. Where you find a bad boy, you’ll usually find a woman trying to “fix” him and get him to change his wicked ways. Of course, this rarely works, but women still try!

  1. Nice guys have weak sperm.

Women are designed to seek out partners who are going to be able to get her pregnant. Bad boys give off the signal that their little swimmers can go the distance and then some.

  1. Women fear of intimacy.

If a woman is afraid of getting close to someone, she knows that she will be able to avoid intimacy by getting involved with a bad boy. A nice guy will want a commitment eventually, whereas a bad boy will usually shy away from it.

  1. Women have low self-esteem.

For some women, they find it difficult to be with someone who treats them better than they treat themselves. So they wind up with a bad boy who probably won’t treat her the best and will on reinforce those negative feelings.

  1. The lack-luster intimacy.

Women have the believe that in order to have mind-blowing love making, they have to be with a bad boy. Why? Sometimes the like to be thrown onto the bed and manhandled and they feel that a nice guy won’t be able to do that.