9 Rules to Creating an Alluring Dating Profile

Alluring Dating Profile

Your dating profile is your opportunity to show the members of the online dating site what sets you apart from the rest of the members. You want the profile to draw people in, captivate them, and want them to know more about who you are.

9 Rules to Create a Successful Dating Profile

Follow these simple rules when creating your dating profile and you may be surprised by how much of a difference it can make!

1. Be Exciting

Like most things in life, if it isn’t exciting, people don’t want to be bothered by it. With that line of thought, you want to make sure your profile is exciting, engaging, and leaves them wanting to get to know more about you — pronto.

When you are trying to decide what to put on your profile, you will want to know what you have to offer someone. From there, you can spin these qualities in a manner that is exciting but still honest.

2. Tap Into Your Creativity

So you like to cook… Rather than saying it that way, you could share a story that subtly lets him know that you’re a wiz in the kitchen without boasting that you make a mean meatloaf. You can take it one step further an describe what you would do on your first date with someone. If you choose this tactic, you will want to make sure to make it as detailed as possible without having them feel like they are reading a novel.

3. Don’t Sound Conceited

While we are aware that your profile is the place where you should talk about yourself, there are right and wrong ways about doing it. You don’t want to fill your profile with “I did this,” “I enjoy that,” and other “I” sentences. It sounds conceited and boring.

4. Proofread Your Profile Before Making it Live

It is a big pet peeve of many people to come across a profile that is hard to read because the person didn’t take the time or the effort to use proper grammar and correct spelling. If you don’t want to be one of the ones that is skipped because of this, make sure you proofread!

5. Avoid Common Faux Pas

Yeah, while everyone may be looking for their soulmate and enjoy a midnight stroll on the beach, you don’t want to say that on your profile. When you say things like this on your profile, the reader thinks you are a cookie cutter version of a person — someone who doesn’t know what to say to attract someone. Now, if you genuinely are looking for your soulmate and like late night walks on the beach, tap into that creativity and say it in a way that is new and fresh.

6. Avoid Bragging

While you may want your potential mate to marvel at your award winning looks or your penchant for philanthropy, but you don’t want to go on and on about it. Bragging isn’t a turn on, no matter what you’re bragging about.

7. Don’t Be Demanding

You may know what you want and what you will or will not accept in a partner, but your profile is not the place to make demands. You want to be as approachable as possible and keep an open mind. You never know who may be itching to send you a message.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

It may be tempting to embellish certain aspects of your life or your personality, but resist temptation and stay true to who you are. You don’t want to begin any relationship with lies, even if they are little white lies.

9. End With a Bang

You may have them dangling and contemplating on sending you a message. You can snag them by ending your profile with a “Call to action” sentence that will have them thinking of their opening sentence when they message you.