Dating Tips from Star Wars

Star Wars, the space opera to end all space operas, will seemingly never itself reach an ending. And we’ve just got word that the cast for episode VII will include original cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, no less, and a host of young-lookers alongside. So the franchise leaps onwards at not-quite-light-speed, with no end in sight.

Relationship advice from a galaxy far, far away

But surely from such a legendarily quotable romantic thriller, we should be able to glean some wise conclusions about dating and how to go about it? Here are some immortal truths from the never-ending legend that we hope will help you and your love life.

Be careful who you’re related to
Always an important lesson in love. Watch out for the old family ties before committing. If you’ve “always known” that a potential romantic interest is actually your brother, go ahead and let him know. Your boyfriend might appreciate knowing this too, right Leia?

Always aim preposterously high
Aim high, get obnoxious, get the girl! Even if you’re a lowly space pirate, in debt to the mob, wanted criminal, anybody’s-at-the-right-price bar-creeping smuggler, a princess is not out of your league. How to get started? Just be rude, obnoxious, in-your-face annoying, and you can’t lose. Insulting your princess with sarcasm and grossly exaggerated honorific titles also helps, your worshipfulness.

Ladies, hard-to-get gets the man
Equally, if you’re a highborn lady and your suitor’s a lowly space pirate, be sure to remind him of that. Insult his friends if you have to.

Introduce your friends strategically
If you happen to be pals with smugglers, hired guns, gamblers, tax exiles, or dog-like creatures, take caution when introducing a new partner. You never know when they’ll make a move on your new love (not to mention sell you to an infamous gangster).

Don’t fear the language barrier
Your body can convey a surprising amount of meaning accurately, so if you’re thinking about dating someone you don’t have a common language with, fear not. Just let go of your inhibitions and start talking. The gift of universal comprehension will get you through.

Don’t be over protective
Worry too much about your partner and things can get neurotic. Relax, and accept that you can’t control everything. In particularly bad cases, possessiveness can lead to decades of galactic tyranny, Darth.

But a leopard can change his spots, after all
You may think ‘once a cheater, always…’ and that you can’t change a man. But if even the dark-side engulfed Darth Vader can eventually come good, so can anyone. You may need to endure the Empire’s domination while you wait, but be patient and “he will bring balance…” maybe.

Can you share any tips of your own from your favourite sci-fi franchise?

(These dating tips are in no way sponsored by, associated with or endorsed by Lucasfilm or Disney. )