Guess how many sausages 1600 sailors can eat?

By Andy Moore
Ask yourself this the next time you stroll into your staff canteen late, hoping for a tasty morsel to keep you going on your shift. Is it as well stocked as the formidable food larder required to fuel the crew of the new and mighty 65,000 tonne HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier?

Here’s a few staggering stats that’ll shiver the timbers of any professional in uniform – from sailors and soldiers to police officers and pilots:

Wow, enough food to feed an army you might think! Such a grocery list is sufficient to give anyone butterflies in their stomach, not least that rumbling feeling.

And, while this protein-packed scran of eggs, beans and bread keeps those sea legs strong, British military forces are not shy when it comes to eating healthy square meals. Leak and Potato soup is included in the standard issue ration packs amongst serving soldiers.

One chef who knows only too well the importance of keeping our heroes in uniform healthy, albeit for a date or a long shift, is Alida Zamparini who won the 2014 UniformFoodies and Michael Caines Blogger Competition. She has been cooking up exclusive Michael Caines dishes that are uploaded on the UniformFoodies App.

Fuel the furnace of professionals in uniform

Her latest culinary creation that would fuel the furnace of professionals in uniform is Michael’s Leek and Potato soup. AIida chose the soup as a dish that would be capable of maintaining a healthy heart for those professionals in uniform on active duties, and even those on a date.

She says: “Michael served the soup with scallops but because not everyone is into shellfish, I have used some fresh tuna instead which I cooked on a pan with a little olive oil. Take care you don’t overcook the tuna. Put it on a hot pan for a couple of minutes each side with the oil and don’t cook it all the way through. You want to see a pink colour in the middle.”

You shall have a fishy on your little dishy when the boat comes in…

Not content with one fish dish, Alida knocked up another of Michael’s yummy meals in the shape of his Fish and Chips, also uploaded on the app.

Both the tuna and F&C dishes could be part of your seafood diet (your ‘see food and eat it diet’). Ouch – the jokes don’t get any better here at Uniformdating!

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