Happy Father’s Day: Homecoming Videos Of Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones


When you are away from your loved ones for any length of time, it can feel like an eternity. Combine that feeling with the fact that military men and women never know if they are coming home at all.

It can weigh on everyone involved so much that when holiday’s like Father’s Day rolls around, it can leave a huge pit in your stomach.
But oh, it’s so heartwarming when soldiers surprise their families with an unexpected homecoming? There’s no way that you cannot smile and get teary eyed.


Hearing the excited little voices of little kids who haven’t seen their father’s in who knows how long could be the greatest gift a father could ever receive. Sometimes the soldiers appear out of nowhere; sometimes it is an elaborate trick with other family members involved. Sometimes it goes so much more than that.


It isn’t just children and wives who get overjoyed when their soldiers come home from a long deployment. Our fur babies experience the same excitement as everyone else.

This Father’s Day, we encourage you to embrace your fathers, your brothers, and your sons. Show them how much you missed them. Let them know that you love them because there are countless families who are spending this Father’s Day sending cards to the men in their lives because they are deployed, or they are laying flowers out because they’ll never get to spend another holiday of any sort with them.
Happy Father’s Day.