Is Dating a Professional Right for You?

dating a professional

When you think of what qualities you want in a potential partner, perhaps driven and successful are on that list. Unfortunately, the prospect of dating someone who has a lot going on and they are successful in their career, it could too easy to ignore some of the character flaws your professional date may have. Because of this, sorry to say, you could fall victim to some disappointing situations, especially if the person you are falling head over heels for is not the person you thought.

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to ensure that the lust you feel for the professional that you have your eye on will turn into something much more satisfying and substantial.

1. Your Friends are Their Friends

When you want to hang out with your friends and your significant other at the same time, it is only natural to incorporate the two. Ideally, there should be no awkwardness and the conversation flows easily. Should you ever have to leave the room and leave your date with your friends, you can do so without worrying if the group will be left in uncomfortable silence while you are gone.

2. They Make Time for You

The life of a professional person can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean that dating should be done only on their terms. If the professional that you are interested in makes time to see you and is willing to bring you along to social events, then it’s a good indication they are serious about you.

3. It Feels Natural

If you are in one of those relationships where you are always left wondering where you stand, then perhaps it is time to pack it up and go about your separate ways. If the relationship is going well, then you will never be wondering where you stand with one other. The conversation should flow easily, you should always want to see one another, and it just feels right.

4. Open Communication is a Must

Whenever you speak on the phone, there is no awkward silences or mindless chatter about the weather or something as mundane. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have long and in depth conversations for hours on end, but it does mean that you call one another frequently and have decent conversations that are enjoyable.

5. Embrace Being You

Everyone loves to find that person who makes them feel comfortable in your own skin. When you’re dating someone, they should respect everything about you—whether it is your strange fascination with Ancient Greek architecture or the people you enjoy hanging out with.

6. You Share the Same Wavelength

The person you are dating should make you feel inferior in anyway about anything. This means they should not judge you for your values, interests, or family. Their jealous could be discouraging and they may be demanding with your time. Someone who is really into you will put their jealous in check and let you do your thing.

7. Conversations About the Ex are not Uncomfortable

There will be a time in every relationship where the topic of exes will come up. Hopefully, anyone who is truly into you and is committed to the relationship will keep the conversations about exes to a minimum. If they bring up a past relationship every few weeks, then they are not emotionally ready for a committed relationship with you.

8. Never Change Who You Are

Everyone needs a little space and a little room to breathe. Keep doing your own thing and being true to who you are. If you go out with your friends for a drink every Friday night after work, keep doing that. If the professional you are dating is really interested in you, they will understand and they will accept it.

9. They Respect Others Around Them

A good indication of how they will treat you is how they treat other people in their lives. Of course it is important that they be respectful and like your friends, but it is just as important for you to get alone (or at least be respectful) toward the people in their lives as well.

10. Want to be a Better Person

When you decide to date someone and you are in it for the long haul, you want to make sure you both inspire each other to do good things. You want to prove that you are worth of their confidence and trust and vice versa. Any relationship that is expected to turn into something serious needs common goals, values, and trust in order to be a successful one.