Military Protocol Means Nothing to This Little Girl


Unless you are from a military family or have close ties to the military, you never truly understand how hard is to continue your life while your loved one is deployed. Combine that with not knowing if they are coming back at all… It makes the time they are away that much more painful. Oh, but that happiness that floods over you when they return home? Nothing can compare to that joy!

That is exactly what happened when Lt. Daniel Ogelsby returned home from being deployed and away from his family for eight long months. Karas, the little girl, was overwhelmed when saw her father standing with the hundreds of other soldiers of the Fort Carson 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Division. He returned home to his family in Colorado after being stationed in Southwest Asia.

While he stood proud and tall with his brothers and sisters at the homecoming ceremony, Karas took off across the room and hugged his legs tightly. The loving dad couldn’t deny his daughter the hug she so yearned, so he bent town to hug her tight while still remaining in formation.

“She was excited. She spotted me from a couple rows back, and she couldn’t contain herself. I wasn’t gonna tell her no,” Lt. Ogelsby told Colorado’s KKTV 11 News. “Happy to see her.”

The people at the ceremony was touched by the father and daughter reunion. Fortunately, KKYV 11 News was there and took a video of the ceremony and it has been posted online. The video touches the heart of everyone who watches it.

This isn’t the first instance where children are so overwhelmed when their deployed parent comes home. One little girl was surprised at school when her dad shows up in her classroom, and the tears just come flowing uncontrollably.

There are countless YouTube compilations where military parents surprise their children and other loved ones after being gone for a while. These are the types of videos and stories are incredibly heartwarming. Here are some of our favorite videos. Be prepared and grab a box of tissues, you’re going to need them.