How to Keep Your New Guy Interested


Ladies, how many times have you started dating someone and everything is going great, but after some
time, it feels like everything is falling apart and he no longer is interested in you? Probably more times than you’d care to admit. It’s okay though because it has happened to the best of us.

There is good news though—it can all be avoided if you’re just willing to invest the work and patience it sometimes takes to understand how a man loves. As much as you want to believe that you can chase a man, you have to accept that most men prefer to be the pursuers.

Tip 1.

We all understand that men are typically visual creatures, and therefore they need to find you physically attractive to some degree. Now, we aren’t saying that you have to be in a cocktail dress and done up to the nines every day in order to keep his interest, we are saying that it helps when you actively participate in your daily appearance. This means having good hygiene practices, wearing clothing that fit your body type, and look as presentable as the venue requires.

Tip 2.

Never treat him like a sounding board when he doesn’t ask to be. What we mean by this is to refrain
from calling him up every time your boss reprimands you or every instance where you feel slighted by one of your friends. Instead, when you are looking for things to talk about, be informed about the things he feels passionate about. If he likes politics, read up on the latest happenings in the government—whether it is just what’s going on around town or in the nation.

Tip 3.

Think about where you are going on your date. If you choose expensive restaurants or date ideas, then he may start to wonder if he can afford to date you. Men want to provide for the women they care for,

but they also want to be able to pay their own bills and not go broke in the process. So, if you are really into this guy, be mindful of how much money you are asking him to spend.

Tip 4.

Be willing to accept him for who he is. Just like you, he wants to be appreciated, adored, and be able to be who he is without worry of having to change for anyone. Sure, sometime down the road things will
change but that change won’t happen overnight and it could very well change that only enhances your bond.

Tip 5.

Give him space he asks for. Sure, you can send him random texts or emails every now and again, but you don’t want to blow up his phone because he doesn’t respond to you as quickly as you had hoped.

It’s no secret that men like their independence, but sometimes they also need a little nudge in the right direction. Always keep in mind that if he really wants to talk to you, he will make the effort to do so, no matter where he is.