Advice to Follow to Prevent You From Making a HUGE Mistake While Dating Online

HUGE Mistake While Dating Online

What do you think is the most common mistake women make on their dating profile. Is it that they make their profile too long and boring? Do they say something that leads the men to believe that they are crazy and want to avoid them at all costs? No.

The biggest mistake women make is their picture.

We hate to be the barer of bad news, but men rarely read your profiles; they simply skim it so they can contact you and that’s about all. They are really looking at your picture and the mistakes women make with their profile pictures are astoundingly bad.

So what about their pictures is bad? Well…


Interestingly enough, all women are vain to a certain point. They are more likely use a picture that is several years old because they believe that is when they looked their best. By doing that, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. So what if you were 20 pounds lighter and you think you looked your best at that weight and age? You are still an attractive woman and you shouldn’t feel like you have to use an older picture just to get a man’s attention.

It’s surprising that so many women do this. It’s almost like they forget to think of what happens next. Let’s say your picture gets someone to message you. You both hit it off and you agree to meet up for a date. This is an ideal situation — until the first date comes around and you show up looking different than your profile picture. Your date will wonder what else you lied about. While you could have been 100 percent truthful in everything else, you’ve already created this aura of mistrust.

Women over 40 are usually guilty of using picture from years ago; after all women who are in their 20s or 30s wouldn’t post pictures from when they were still teens, right?

How do you get around the deceit while still putting your best foot forward? Simple. Choose five of your best and current photographs and use those. If you can’t decide on good pictures, ask your friends for help. If they can’t help you decide, you can always take new photographs. Whatever you want to do, you’ll want to use photos that are current and represents the person you are today, and not from 10 or 15 years ago.

Other photograph tips you may want to follow include:

  1. Choose a photograph where you are engaging in a hobby. You want to show that you have interests and that you enjoy doing things. Good examples of this is you in a ski outfit, preparing to go down the trail, or maybe you scoring the winning point in a game of table tennis.

  1. Choose photos where you are the only person in it. While you may want to include that great picture from a costume party where you are Snow White and you’re surrounded by the seven dwarfs, you don’t want to include it because the other people are taking the attention away from you.