Stumped for unusual date ideas? Try the police museum!

Never underestimate the good old museum date. (You’re doing it right now, stop it!) The idea may not at first seem like the spark that’ll light it all up… But just wait.  You meet someone, you like them. They agree to a date. First date goes well. Second date? Ok, if a little more drunken. But you still like them and they seem up for meeting again. So what now?

A date to showcase the ‘different’ you

You’re going to need to pull something new out of the bag, because it’s about time you did something other than food and the pub. This predicament can seem, especially to men, like a moment of blank-minded torture. This is where the reliable old museum date comes in, and a police museum is no different.
The thing about museums is they tend to be indoors for a start, which helps with those rainy afternoons. They also often have cafés, and it’s fair to say that most are in nice and often old buildings. The romantic scene is set.
And if you’re wondering what you’ll talk about during this cold-light-of-day sobriety session, we’ve got good news. You’re in a museum! There will be interesting, unusual, strange, old and beautiful items almost everywhere you look.

The passions and perils of the police museum

A date to a police museum can have its pros and cons, especially if you’re dating a police officer or indeed if you’re in the force yourself. You’ve both got opportunity here. Whether you’re desperate to discuss the job, or just mad to put those questions behind you as quickly as possible, this is a great place to have that chat in a fun and interesting environment. (And let’s face it: it’s a lot more relaxing than showing your prospective other half around the station!)

The Glasgow Police Museum
Take the Glasgow Police Museum for example. Go, explore and celebrate the history of the UK’s oldest police force with photos, artefacts and illustrations. You’ll also get to see Europe’s largest collection of uniforms and insignia from around the world. And if the date goes well? You’re in Merchant City, adjacent to restaurants, cafes and bars – a perfect place to take your date further.

City of London Police Museum
As with Glasgow, London’s Police Museum gives you a taste of bygone police days with an intriguing collection of historic uniforms, images and stories from volunteer guides. On the morbid side, there’s even a scale model of a jeweller’s shop which was the scene of a triple murder in 1910. They’re only open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but if you’re working shifts, this is just as likely to be your weekend as Saturday or Sunday.

Greater Manchester Police Museum
Sitting conveniently on Newton Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is a little gem of a Police Museum, also staffed by volunteer guides. You can download their iOS App which provides helpful guides, although headphones may not be the best move on a date. You’re also within walking distance of Chinatown, Portland Street and Canal Street, leaving you with plenty of options if your date’s going smoothly.

Essex Police Museum
Finally, our featured video above comes courtesy of Essex Police, whose museum outside Chelmsford houses a similarly interesting collection and also provides free access to service records in their archives. Try entering your family name to see if you’ve got your own connection with the force.
You’ll find there’s a surprising amount to talk about when you’ve finished the museum phase of your date. When you’re looking for unusual date ideas, don’t be afraid to be a geek. It’s better than looking like you can’t get out of the pub!

Have you tried the museum date recently? How did it go?