Sweet Ways to Apologize to Your Love

ways to say I'm sorry

Admitting that you were wrong is hard enough, but how to express how truly sorry you are can be the difference between being truly forgiven or just be issued a begrudging “It’s okay.” A real apology goes beyond the words and it is the effort you take that truly gets to the route of the matter. Here are some ways that you can apologize to your sweetie that will get you out of the dog house.

1. Create a customized background for his computer.

If your love is on his computer a lot, then this cheesy (but adorable!) apology could be perfect. Break out the markers, crayons, and other arts and crafts goodies you have laying around and make a sign that says “I’m sorry.” The sign could be decorated however, you want. Create a customized desktop by taking a picture of yourself looking remorseful and holding this sign. You’ll want to go onto their computer and upload the photograph then go onto the control panel and select “Change desktop background.” Then you’ll want to select the newly uploaded apology photograph. Put the computer in sleep mode so that the next time they log onto the computer, that apology background will be the first thing they see.

2. Create an “I’m Sorry” CD.

This idea gives you the chance to actually say what you are sorry for, as you will be recording and burning your apology onto the CD. You will want to choose songs to follow your apology. These songs could be songs that describe how you feel for your partner, songs that remind you of them, or songs that just mean something to you both. Then you could either put the CD in their car with “PLAY ME” written on the disk, or go the extra mile and have the disk mailed to them via snail mail.

This little surprise would be a nice thing to come home to, especially if you two are still arguing.

3. Use food to apologize with.

If you’re a good baker, you could bake your love their favorite dessert with “I’m sorry” written on a card which is to be given with the treats. If you are better with cooking meals, you can prepare a romantic dinner for two, still providing the “I’m sorry” card. You could also pair this with the aforementioned CD, depending on the severity of the offense which landed you in this hot water in the first place.

4. Create a customized apology video.

Now anyone can make a video that says “I’m sorry.” A real apology video should be specially crafted to fit the situation. Perhaps you broke their favorite coffee mug. You could record a video that explains what happened (even get a friend to help act it out) and express how sorry you are. You can also purchase a replacement item (that is if the item wasn’t a one of a kind thing like an autographed baseball by Babe Ruth or something along those lines) and present them with the gift along with the video.