How to Talk To a Man and Make Him Like You


The next time you’re speaking to a man that you are interested in, we suggest that you use these useful tips if you want to make sure he has eyes for only you.

Never Be Afraid to Smile
When you find yourself talking to a man you find fascinating and you want him to take notice of you, smile more than you normally would (just don’t look like the Cheshire Cat and freak him out). Giggle when he makes a joke and relax into a sweet smile.

By Graceful and Coy
Throughout the centuries, women adore a chivalrous man, and in turn, men love being loved by a woman with grace and who knows how to play coy. Twist your hair in between your fingers, make cute faces when you are in deep thought, bat your eye lashes every now and then when you bling. These actions may seem inconsequential, but use them all together and they’ll work like an awesome dude magnet.

Touch Him
Guys have this desire to feel the gentle and soft touch of a woman, especially a woman that he is attracted to. There has been scientific research that proves that men will start to show more interest in a woman and flirt with her if the woman touches the guy during the conversation. While you’re chatting away, touch his forearm or rest your palm on his shoulder (or other places that are considered casual touches). You’ll notice that his demeanor will change in no time!

Look toward Him for Protection
Throughout evolution, guys have always taken on that protector and hunter role while women were the gatherers and nurturers. If you can rekindle this instinct in a man, then he will love and appreciate it. You don’t have to put yourself into danger to accomplish this. All you have to do is hold his arm while crossing the street, ask him to pick up a heavy box, or reach something high up on a shelf. These things are small, but they matter — especially to a man.

Don’t Be Unpleasant
It can be difficult being positive all the time, but if you are interested in a particular guy, your attitude matters a lot. You don’t want to use too much foul language (if any, because a lot of men tend to find that as a big turn off), and avoid complaining about other people — it’s a huge turn off for men because they will think you’re mean and bitter.

Be Mysterious
Men will tell you that they want a woman who is upfront and doesn’t hold anything back. Even if there is some truth to this, men want a woman who has an air of mystery about her. He doesn’t need to know about the last time you went to the hair salon, nor does he need to know about that one time in band camp. Even when flirting, smile to yourself and if they ask you what you are smiling for, be coy and say that it is nothing. You don’t have to share everything that goes on inside your mind. Be mysterious and keep some things to yourself!