The 9 Best Things about Dating a Doctor

Dating a Doctor

Out of all the people you can date from different professions, doctors are probably the best. Because of their essential knowledge of the human body and their ability to treat people, they add the most value to a relationship (except maybe for chefs). While they have super busy schedules and may not always be around, there are still a few great perks of dating a doctor.

Let’s look at the 10 best reasons:

1.     Free Treatment in Bed

He can treat all your flu symptoms, pains and aches from the comfort of your bed. Who needs to go see a doctor when your boyfriend knows which over-the-counter drugs to take?

2.     Healthier Eating Habits

You may not know how genetically modified foods are digested by your stomach, but he does. He can easily guide you towards healthier eating habits that prevent long-term health implications.

3.     He Can Reassure You That You Don’t Have Cancer

While WebMD can make you feel like you have all the diseases in this world, you can show your little scrape in the knee to your boyfriend and be assured it is nothing to worry about. Not only this, you can use his knowledge to learn a thing or two.

4.     No More Fear of Choking

Not that you were trying to choke on your food, but if you ever do, you know you are in safe hands.

5.     You Are Their Stress Reliever

Doctors have tough schedules. They can actually get stressed out because of the nature of their work. When they come home, they are looking for a change of mind, so get ready for some extra passionate lovemaking and surprise late night dinners.

6.     Your Man Has Perspective

Doctors make excellent partners because they witness life and death situations on a daily basis. Thus, you can expect them to value things that actually matter and not get caught up in first world problems. They know how to prioritize important things.

7.     You Can Depend On Him in an Emergency

Doctors are trained to think on their toes and perform their jobs without mistakes. Thus, in an emergency situation, you can totally depend on your partner to not freak out and help you out of the situation.

8.     Your Passion Will Stay Alive

Because he is so busy, you will rarely get to see him or have special date nights. However, when a scheduled off day comes, you can pre-plan and make it super special. Spending romantic time after so many days away keeps the passion burning.

9.     They Know All About the Female Anatomy

Being a doctor, they understand how the human body works and you can surely have high expectations when it comes to intimacy because they know where “everything” is.