The Real 411 on Dating a Police Officer

It’s uncanny how many movies that have bachelorette parties feature a male stripper dressed as a cop. Actually, if you think about it, it is not very weird at all. Why, if you ask a group of women what uniformed hottie is in their fantasies, many would say that a police officer gets their blood flowing. Oh and let’s not forget how many police costumes you see at any Halloween party.

Dating a Police Officer

We will not lie and say that dating a police officer is not about fun, games, and sexy time with the ‘cuffs (wink, wink), because it can be all of these things. However, there is a serious side to dating these boys in blue that some people may overlook. Here is the real deal with dating a man with a badge — the good and the bad.

1. You feel safe and secure.

When you date a police officer, you are dating someone whose job it is to protect the citizens from harm—this includes you! You can always trust that if things were to get a little dangerous, you can always count on him to keep you safe.

2. Their job is very stressful.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that a police officer’s job is stressful, hell… Everyone’s job is stressful at one point or another. However, a police officer experiences things first hand that we only see in the news or on the television. They are put face-to-face with the worst kinds of people and situations almost on a regular basis. It is only natural that you want to help them deal with some of the unpleasant stuff they witness, but sometimes they just cannot talk about it, be it because the subject is too uncomfortable or it is an on-going investigation. If they should ever distance themselves and say they have had a bad day, accept that. Don’t press them for details. They will talk about it if and when they are ready to. Just sit back, be patient, and offer them an ear for when they are ready to open up.

3. The hours may suck.

A police officer’s job is not your typical day job. The varying schedules can be difficult to deal with, especially if you are someone who wants to spend every moment with your significant other. However, for those who enjoy a little bit of “me time,” the odd hours of a police officer may appeal to you.

4. It can be taxing on the relationship.

Because you are dating someone with so much responsibility to the public, it has the potential to cause problems within your relationship — especially if you start feeling like the badge is more important than you are or if they start letting all that power go to their heads. When you start feeling like something is changing in your relationship, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk about it with them. Suggest that as soon as they walk through the door, they take off the badge, both figuratively and literally. For some, it may be difficult to do this, but just be patient with them. If they care about you, it will not be an issue.

5. Their work is their life.

As a police officer, they usually take their jobs very seriously and may even bring it home. Because they are in a profession where they put their lives on the line on a daily basis, they will form close bonds with other officers on the force. Don’t be surprised that the majority of their friends are fellow officers and they may often talk about work and various work related things. To date someone with so much passion for what they do can be intoxicating — hopefully that is not the only thing they are passionate about!

Dating a police officer can be a little challenging and it takes a certain kind of person to support their badge toting significant other. But with a little bit of patience, love, and understanding, you will find that a police officer can make you feel safe, loved, and cared for.