The Ultimate Checklist to Get You Through That First Date


So you’ve finally worked up the nerve to ask your crush out on a date and they’ve agreed. Once you come down off of cloud 9, reality sets in and you be in so much of a frenzy, you overlook something small, but important. We’ve created a checklist that will help prepare you for your date and give you peace of mind that will help ensure your date goes smoothly.

Before the Date Check List

  • Grooming
    • Does your outfit fit properly and do you look your best?
    • Is your hair neat?
    • Are your nails clean and trimmed?
    • Have you brushed your teeth and showered?
  • Conversation
    • What do you know about your date?
    • Have you checked their online presence for some information?
    • What kind of stories will you talk about?
    • What stories can you share that highlights your best personality traits?
    • Do you have thought provoking questions handy in case there is a lull in the conversation?
  • Planning
    • Do you have a plan for the date? Try to make it last at least an hour.
    • Men: Do you have money to pay for the date? Women: Do you have money just in case?

During the Date Check List

  • Real Conversation
    • Are you answering small talk questions with complex answers?
    • Are you asking questions that require thought and more than one or two words?
    • Are you listening more than talk?
  • Body Language
    • Are you maintaining eye contact with your date while they are talking?
    • While you are standing, is your back straight, shoulders back, and neck straight?
    • Do you have an open body position (arms not crossed, body pointed toward your date)?
    • Are you genuinely smiling?
  • Friend Zone
    • Have you found a reason to touch your date yet?
    • Has your date touched back? If so, did it continue or did it stop?
    • Have you taken the leap to ask for a second date?
    • Are you prepared to attempt a first kiss?

After the Date Check List

  • Did the date go well?
    • Yes: Send a “thank you, I had a great time.” Text.
      • Ask for a second date!
    • No: Apologize.
      • Ask if you can make it up to them
      • Thank them for going out with you anyway .

Some of these items may seem like common sense things to do, but you would be surprised by how many people who overlook those small things. However, when you go through these items, you can put your mind at rest. You won’t have to worry if you forgot something while you were rushing around while telling your best friend that you finally landed a date with your crush.