Why would anyone date a nurse? Ask the NHS!

If “Nursing is the hardest job you’ll ever love”, as author Donna Wilk Cardillo suggests, how will Nurses ever find the time and energy to go on a date, let alone win your heart?

Would you date a nurse?

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Whether the question of dating a nurse vexes you to the point of sleepless nights or induces daytime slumber, a few words from the NHS should awaken your interest. Forget silly old comedy clichés and all that misguided costume-shop smut. The core personal qualities and values demanded by the nursing profession make them a thoroughly eligible bunch. Consider these highly datable attributes…

Nurses care
Because that’s where it all starts, right? If we didn’t care, why would we bother? Nurses are trained to care. That means if you date a nurse, your relationship starts on a strong foundation.

Communication skills
Let’s be honest. You don’t want to be relying too heavily on your partner’s people skills. You’re just as responsible for the quality of communication in your relationship as they are. But it’s nice to know the ability to hold a decent conversation comes with the territory.

Nurses can deal with emotionally charged situations
Again, don’t be the emotional challenge! Every relationship, every partner and almost every romantic situation presents certain challenges. And it’s fair to say that emotions run high when love is in the air.

Competence is everything
Everyone wants their better half to be competent, that’s why they call it better! In the case of a nurse, we’re talking about an educated and highly trained professional.

Nurses know commitment
A dedicated professional who’s able to commit to a career caring for others will be able to commit to caring about you, but only if you earn it!

The NHS present a pretty compelling case for dating a nurse, but don’t forget the ‘unofficial’ stuff. Everyone with a sense knows that nurses work hard. And like a lot of people who work hard, they’ve a reputation for playing hard too. And if this isn’t enough, then patience, a sense of humour, and the knowledge to do the right thing might just convince you to re-think your relationship plans.

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